The 2-Minute Rule for C# Programming

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  up vote 0 down vote const signifies constant and their values are defined at compile time in lieu of explicitly alter it through run time also, the worth of constant cannot be changed for the duration of runtime

As shown in the above case in point we will assign static readonly fields at time of declaration or in static constructor only.

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To the sake of no further complicating items, I am going to stop right here. Allow me to know if you misunderstood anything at all.

Usually do not use const subject that might adjust over the time it brings about dll Edition trouble (see the example)

Does the readonly flag signify that the worth is always obtainable on account of acquiring initialized with the static constructor of the class, that means that the worth will almost always be out there?

Static constructor cannot be parameterized. Accessibility modifiers cannot be utilized on Static constructor, it is always a general public default constructor which can be utilized to initialize static fields of The category.

Sure, the readonly discipline may reference mutable objects, but That could be what you need. Such as, you could have a readonly area of ConcurrentDictionary and you need to have it as readonly for comprehensive thread safety.

To this situation, and also to my viewpoint, it is best to obtain this factor declared as static somewhat that have it in each occasion. Particularly when this factor modifications during the lifetime of the plan to influence the subsequent calculation.

Is there a term for an object that may be no more kept for its first purpose but as a website substitute for sentimental value?

Steven: you hit it on The pinnacle! Mutable is not good but immutable fine. Alex: I said static variables and not methods.

This information will also include things like some critical details that you'll want to recall, so as to quickly differentiate among the these a few.

Code outside the house the operate can't obtain a neighborhood static variable. This effectively makes it possible for the functionality to keep up state involving the occasions when It is really named. To see this in motion, Check out the conventional library operate strtok().

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